I had completely forgotten about this blog of mine..Remembered it all of a sudden when my team lead mentioned her friend’s blog and I was quick to tell her I have a blog too..Completely ignoring the fact that I havent blogged for more than a year now..Well you can’t exactly blame me! ..  Its all thanks to the awful amount of time I spend in the bus doing absolutely nothing! (Not nothing actually..I have taken to reading novels lately..but that’s not exactly productive work..so yeah..m back to describing my journey to and fro work as completely useless)..Okay I am getting way tooo sidetracked here! Wanted to say a huge sorry to those who were following my blog..and those who weren’t…well meh! No loss, no gain! This time,  I have made up my mind this time to blog religiously atleast once a week..so YEAYE! During this one year..I have tried new recipes..I have done loaaads of new paintings..So naturally I have quite a lot to blog about! Here’s hoping I keep this blog going for atleast a year! Here’s to a new beginning! CHEERS! Signing out for now..Have to assemble my work..So will be back soon with a new recipe! Looking forward to blogging again! Please do feel free to comment on my posts and follow me! As I said.. It keeps me encouraged to post more! Buh-bye!