I know this isn’t really kitchen related…but I have the talent…so I thought why not flaunt it!! 😛 I always loved to draw and colour and my parents encouraged me to join art classes with my teacher Mr. Sasikumar at  the tender age of 5… One awesome teacher because of whom I got a wonderful base and foundation in the field of art..Later after a few years of pencil shading and water colouring.. I decided to move on to a new medium….oils….and the reason I managed to excel in this medium…Mr Sheffy Tattarath! After that there was no looking back and I started doing painting after painting.. However unfortunately as the studies and pressure increased I started concentrating more on the studies and ambitious side of life. Now after I have completed my Computer Engineering course, I finally have the time to pursue my hobby again…So as and when I complete paintings, will put them up here! Do feel free to leave comments…Encourages me alot!! All my paintings will be uploaded in the “My Paintings” category on the top of the page!!!