This is an extremely simple recipe if you are pressed for time 🙂 Just 4 ingredients…mix it all….and you are done!!!!INGREDIENTS-
1)10 pcs shrimp
3)Garlic-5 cloves(You can use how much ever you want! I recommend the butter SHOULD have a strong taste of garlic)
4)Salt-to taste
5)Juice of 1/2 lemon(optional)


1)Soften the butter for around 20 seconds in the microwave.
2)Crush the garlic into the butter and add some salt.
3)Heat the butter in a frying pan/sauce pan and add the shrimp to it.
4)Cook the prawns in the garlic butter till the prawns turn a lovely shade of pink and curl.(That’s how you know they are cooked! ;))
5)Add the lemon juice if using…mix well and remove from fire immedeately.

Your shrimps are done and in less than 10 minutes!! 😀

I had the shrimps with garlic bread…but it can be had on the side of practically anything(Salads,Pasta or Rice)!

Hope you liked the recipe!! 🙂