Was absolutely yummy!! had it on tostadas with salsa and cream cheese!!!

INGREDIENTS-1)Potato-5 nos
2)1 tbsp butter(or more if u want it to be richer!)
3)1/2 cup milk
4)1tbsp pepper or to taste
5)1 tbsp salt or to taste
6)8 garlic flakes(can be more or less depending on your taste


1)Boil the potato and then dry off the excess water.Mash the potato well so that no lumps are left
2)Heat the butter and add the garlic to it..Keep cooking till you get the smell of garlic..Add the milk to the garlic butter and let boil
3)Immedeately add the hot milk mixture to the ashed potato and mix well with a wooden spoon..

YOUR Mashed potato is done!!!!

An alternative to heating the butter and milk is to mix ingredients 2-6 in a flat dish and heat it at HIGH power in the microwave for about 2 minutes…..This works fine too!!!