Hi people!This is the first post in this blog of mine…I do have another blog which has all kinds of random stuff in it…(www.randomcloudimpressions.blogspot.com)..If you like to delve deep in petty matters of everyday life…That is the blog for you…!However since i love to cook new stuff…thought i’d put it in a whole different blog…:)..Ofcourse i do admit that all these recipes are taken from a variety of books with a few tweaks and changes on my behalf..I hope you people like the recipes..:)…And do follow this blog if u really lyk the stuff i put into this blog so that i am encouraged to cook more!! The post right after this is gonna be strawberry cheesecake….After all a sweet start is a gr8 start to anything!! Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye!! 😛